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The Family and the Law

Adoption: The journey to were we are now

In the first of a series of papers looking at the family and the law, barrister Judith Pepper here looks at the history of adoption leading to the current system.


Marriage in Modern Britain

In spite of reports that marriage in modern Britain is ‘dead’, it continues to be both the majority partnership status in the UK and, according to attitude surveys, the most popular relationship status. Analysis of socioeconomic trends, however, demonstrates lower rates of marriage amongst lower income levels. This project seeks to explore the circumstances in which people marry in the UK today in order to gain a better understanding of what marriage in the twenty-first century represents.

More information about the Marriage in Modern Britain project can be found here.



Sticking Up For Siblings

Sticking Up For Siblings

Colin Brazier, August 2013

In the UK the number of only-children as a percentage of all dependent children rose from 18 per cent in 1972 to 26 per cent by 2007. Why is it that children without siblings in this country are almost twice as common as they were a generation ago? Surely it is a natal no-brainer? Childcare, time off work, the price of an extra… [Full Details]

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The Meaning of Matrimony

The Meaning of Matrimony: Debating Same-Sex Marriage

Anastasia de Waal (ed.), May 2013

In July 2013, the UK Parliament passed historic legislation to open up marriage to same-sex couples. It followed a bitter row both inside and outside the Palace of Westminster which laid bare some of the deepest divisions in our modern society. The Meaning of Matrimony: Debating Same-Sex Marriage captures that argument in a series of passionately-written essays exploring the subject from all… [Full Details]

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Second Thoughts on the Family

Second Thoughts on the Family

Anastasia de Waal, May 2008

The premise of both New Labour and Conservative policy is that people not living in married two-parent families are choosing not to. This signifies positive diversity to Labour and a decline in family values to the Conservatives. Both miss a critical reality… [Full Details]

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Family Policy, Family Changes: Sweden, Italy and Brit

Family Policy, Family Changes: Sweden, Italy and Brit

Patricia Morgan, March 2006

A comparison of family policy and its implications for human happiness and the raising of children in Britain, Italy and Sweden… [Full Details]

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