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Briefings and Archive

Our research seeks to track and analyse the NHS reform agenda, and look at whether we can learn from health systems in other countries, to help build consensus on the best way to provide patient-centred, high quality health care for all:


BRIEFING: National auditing beats Parliamentary accounting
Mervyn Stone, November 2014

BRIEFING: Breaking the SMR grip on the NHS public funding formula
Mervyn Stone, April 2014

BRIEFING: Healthcare Systems: Ireland & 'Universal Health Insurance' – an emerging model for the UK?
Elliot Bidgood, December 2013

BRIEFING: Explicating ‘wrong’ or questionable signs in England’s NHS funding formulas: correcting wrong explanations
Mervyn Stone, with a foreword by Nigel Williams, December 2013

BRIEFING: Healthcare Systems: Sweden & localism – an example for the UK?
Elliot Bidgood, October 2013

BRIEFING: After Francis: Standards & Care Quality in the NHS
Elliot Bidgood, July 2013

BRIEFING: One small step for the NHS, but one giant leap for its principles?
Tony Hockley, May 2013

COMMENT: Why the health service works for patients in France
Ed Hoskins, March 2013

BRIEFING: The NHS: The Envy of the World?
Elliot Bidgood, March 2013

BRIEFING: Plain Explanation or Special Pleading?
Mervyn Stone, January 2013

BRIEFING: Updated Health Systems briefings
Elliot Bidgood, January 2013

BRIEFING: PFI - Still the Only Game in Town?
Elliot Bidgood, December 2012

PUBLICATION: Rejecting an empirical `person-based' formula for funding CCGs in favour of the farming analogue of one-year-ahead extrapolation
Mervyn Stone, December 2012

BRIEFING: Rationing in the NHS in the Current Fiscal Climate
Elliot Bidgood, November 2012

BRIEFING: Commissioning London's HIV Services
Rosalind Miller, James Gubb, September 2011

BRIEFING: Risk, Equity and Excellence: A commentary on the NHS White Paper
Sir David Varney, January 2011

BRIEFING: A risky business: the White Paper and the NHS
James Gubb, December 2010

BRIEFING: NHS White Paper proposals for GP commissioning: does size matter?
Seb Baird, James Gubb, Kieran Walshe, October 2010

BRIEFING: NHS White Paper: Transferring commissioning responsibility from PCTs to GPs
James Gubb, July 2010

BRIEFING: Pre-election briefing on health care and the NHS
James Gubb, May 2010

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