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Health Systems


This series of online briefings look at the structure and performance of other health systems and ask whether or not they offer better alternatives to the current NHS, or possible solutions to some of its biggest problems.

Canada – 2013
France – 2013
Switzerland – 2013
Sweden – 2013
Germany – 2013
Netherlands – 2013
United States – 2013
Ireland – 2013


The Independent View: Could Ireland’s emerging healthcare reforms test David Laws’ NHIS vision?
Elliot Bidgood, Liberal Democrat Voice, 17 December 2013

The Independent View: The merits of Swedish-style localism in improving UK healthcare
Elliot Bidgood, Liberal Democrat Voice, 22 October 2013

UK’s major NHS reforms a ‘distraction’
Elliot Bidgood, Public Service Europe, 9 April 2013

President Obama should look to Europe, not the NHS
James Gubb, 14 August 2009

Obama’s plans fuel need for a dose of realism in healthcare debate
James Gubb, Yorkshire Post, 18 August 2009

Why the NHS is the sick man of Europe
James Gubb, February 2008

Just how well are we? Trends in avoidable mortality from cancer and circulatory disease
James Gubb, November 2007

Healthcare in the balance
Tony Hockley, 2006

Europe has the answer to the NHS’ woes
David Green, Daily Telegraph, 2006

International medical outcomes – how does the UK compare?
David Green & Benedict Irvine, 2003

Social insurance – the right way forward for health care in the United Kingdom?
David Green & Benedict Irvine vs. Martin McKee, Anna Dixon & Elias Mossialos, BMJ 2002;325:488-490

Health Care in France and Germany
David Green & Benedict Irvine, 2001

Other Useful Reading

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Measuring the Health of Nations: Updating an Earlier Analysis – Ellen Nolte & Martin McKee, Health Affairs 2008, 27(1):58-71


The Lancet Oncology – Dr Arduino Verdecchia et al., Lancet Oncology 2007; 8:773-783