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Why have voters deserted social democracy?

17 December 2019

It is no secret that there has been a significant repositioning by many European social democratic parties in recent years towards the more radical left. In the past week, the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s brand of what he calls “democratic socialism” suffered a sizeable defeat in the general election, gaining only 203 seats compared with… [Read More]

Crowdfunding to challenge BBC bias

5 July 2019

Have you ever stopped and questioned whether the output of BBC news and current affairs is as balanced as it could be? Have you found yourself screaming at the Today programme, switching off Question Time, or getting angry listening to Any Questions? Do you ever find yourself questioning its impartiality and how the BBC measures that? Now… [Read More]

Putting purpose before profit. The end of the Friedman doctrine?

18 April 2019

Ever since Adam Smith warned that the managers of the joint-stock company could not be expected to ‘watch over it with the same anxious vigilance’ as an owner, the accountability of directors to shareholders has taxed the minds of economists and investors. The corporation has evolved somewhat since the 18th century but concerns about the… [Read More]

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