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Putting purpose before profit. The end of the Friedman doctrine?

18 April 2019

Ever since Adam Smith warned that the managers of the joint-stock company could not be expected to ‘watch over it with the same anxious vigilance’ as an owner, the accountability of directors to shareholders has taxed the minds of economists and investors. The corporation has evolved somewhat since the 18th century but concerns about the… [Read More]

Should the Bank of England be responsible for controlling house prices?

11 April 2019

Labour is said to be considering whether the Bank of England should be mandated to limit house price growth. According to The Guardian, this would be done not via interest rates but via mortgage regulation as overseen by the financial policy committee (FPC). The FPC already curbs some mortgage lending, principally by capping loan-to-income ratios… [Read More]

Civitas is recruiting: apply now

11 December 2018

Research Assistant, Centre for the Study of European Civilisation Salary: £25,000 Closing date for applications: 1pm on 21 December 2018 Civitas is looking for a research assistant to join the newly established Centre for the Study of European Civilisation. Essential A Bachelor’s degree, 2:I or above; A Master’s degree OR 2 years research experience post-graduation… [Read More]

The crime problem

1 December 2018

David Fraser has recently published a new study of the crime problem, Licence to Kill: Britain’s Surrender to Violence. Based on over 30 years research into government sentencing policy and work in the criminal justice system, David Fraser’s book demonstrates that the State’s increased reliance on alternatives to imprisonment has allowed all categories of violent… [Read More]

Imputed rents: forgotten but not gone

23 November 2018

Public-sector housebuilding remains at some of the lowest levels of the past century and yet, as a new paper by academics Steve Wilcox and Peter Williams points out, government interventions in the housing market ‘are now on an unprecedented scale’. In a paper for the Chartered Institute of Housing this week, they count the ways… [Read More]

Letwin’s vision is impressive but he has ducked the big question

29 October 2018

Sir Oliver Letwin’s proposals for speeding up build-out rates are ambitious in their intent but curiously fail to address a substantial difficulty that could ultimately prove their undoing. His final report was published alongside the Budget today. The ambition lies in a vision of a more muscular planning system in which local authorities are encouraged… [Read More]

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