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David Green – Founder of Civitas

David Green is a Trustee of Civitas, which he founded in 2000.

He writes occasionally for newspapers, including The Sunday Times, The Times, The Sunday Telegraph and The Daily Telegraph.

He occasionally broadcasts on programmes such as NewsnightMoral Maze, and the Today programme.

Education and Career

David Green was an undergraduate at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne from 1970 to 1973, and remained there for his PhD.

He was a Labour councillor in Newcastle upon Tyne from 1976 until 1981, before leaving the UK from 1981 to 1983 to work as a Research Fellow at the Australian National University in Canberra.

He worked at the Institute of Economic Affairs from 1984, and was Director of its Health and Welfare Unit from 1986 to 2000.

He was a member of the Home Secretary’s Crime Statistics Review Group, which in 2006 recommended improvements in the collection of the crime figures.


The Demise of the Free State: Why democracy and the EU don’t mix (2014)

What Have We Done? The surrender of our democracy to the EU (2013)

Prosperity with Principles: Some Policies For Economic Growth (2010)

Individualists Who Co-operate: Education and welfare reform befitting a free people (2009)

We’re (Nearly) All Victims Now! How political correctness is undermining our liberal culture (2006)

Crime and Civil Society: Can we become a more law-abiding people? (2005)

Health Care in France and Germany: Lessons for the UK, with Benedict Irvine (2001)

Stakeholder Health Insurance (2000)

Delay, Denial and Dilution, with Laura Casper (IEA, 1999)

An End to Welfare Rights: The Rediscovery of Independence (IEA, 1999)

Benefit Dependency: How Welfare Undermines Independence (IEA, 1998)

Community Without Politics: A Market Approach to Welfare Reform (IEA, 1996)

Reinventing Civil Society (IEA, 1993)

The New Right: The Counter Revolution in Political, Economic and Social Thought(Wheatsheaf, 1987)

Working Class Patients and the Medical Establishment (Temple Smith/Gower, 1985)

Mutual Aid or Welfare State, with L. Cromwell (Allen & Unwin, 1984)

Power and Party in an English City (Allen & Unwin, 1980)

David Green contributed the chapter on ‘The Neo-Liberal Perspective’ in Blackwell’sThe Student’s Companion to Social Policy (2nd ed, 2003).

Recent Articles

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Take back our laws. British democracy depends on it (The Times, June 2013)

If it is to be a “one nation” party, Labour must support an EU referendum (New Statesman, May 2013)

Local banks for local people (The Telegraph, May 2013)

Michael Gove’s critics are afraid of change The Daily Telegraph, Wed 20 March 2013

Selected feature articles 2008 – 2012:

Time for the Government to put its own house in order, Lord Heseltine (The Daily Telegraph, November 2012)

Cable’s industrial plan must tackle the energy crisis (The Daily Telegraph, September 2012)

The ‘bonfire of red tape’ must go further (The Daily Telegraph, September 2012)

We need dramatic policies, as well as effective ones, to boost British growth (The Daily Telegraph, August 2012)

Punished for being thrifty: They saved for their old age. The reward? Their savings provide a paltry return. And a Tory Chancellor penalises them with gratuitous arrogance(MailOnline, March 2012)

BUDGET2012: Why the withdrawal of child benefit from middle-class households punishes effort, penalises success and promotes unfairness (MailOnline, March 2012)

The Government’s attitude to the police is criminal (The Daily Telegraph, March 2012)

DAVID GREEN: This cynical ‘tax the rich’ lie (MailOnline, March 2012)

This cynical ‘tax the rich’ lie (MailOnline, March 2012)

On marriage, Nick Clegg is hopelessly out of date (The Daily Telegraph, December 2011)

How to avoid another exam board scandal (The Daily Telegraph, December 2011)

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London riots: why did the police lose control? (The Daily Telegraph, August 2011)

Lesson one, children – failure stops right here (The Sunday Times, August 2011)

If you don’t speak English you can’t belong in Britain (The Daily Telegraph, July 2011)

Britain’s borders are still wide open to abuse by migrants (The Daily Telegraph, June 2011)

Why the NHS needs competition (The Daily Telegraph, May 2011)

Five policies that would lead to growth (The Daily Telegraph, March 2011)

We’re at the muddled mercy of European judges (The Sunday Times, February 2011)

Votes for prisoners: Will MPs have the courage to vote for liberty? (The Daily Telegraph,February 2011)

Yes, the NHS needs reform but not if it’s going to lead to more patients on trolleys in hospital corridors (MailOnline, January 2011)

Five policies that would lead to growth (The Daily Telegraph March 2011)

Votes for prisoners: will MPs have the courage to vote for liberty? (The Daily Telegraph, February 2011)

Competition could cure the banking sector (The Daily Telegraph, December 2010)

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Ministers need to grasp the real facts about crime (The Daily Telegraph, July 2010)

We CAN cut costs in the NHS and it will help save lives (The Daily Telegraph, June 2010)

Capital gains tax rises would punish the productive (The Daily Telegraph, May 2010)

Taxpayer funding can really pick a winner by backing manufacturing (The Daily Telegraph, May 2010)

Too many voters depend on the state for their income (The Daily Telegraph, April 2010)

David Cameron should realise that a small state isn’t always the answer (The Daily Telegraph, April 2010)

David Cameron should empower consumers not workers (The Daily Telegraph, April 2010)

Ali Dizaei: Time to arrest the grievance culture (The Daily Telegraph, February 2010)

Compulsory savings contributions would soften the blow to the taxpayer (The Daily Telegraph, December 2009)

Why school league tables must be kept but reformed (The Daily Telegraph, November 2009)

At least someone in prison can’t rob you’ (The Daily Telegraph, October 2009)

Fiona Pilkington case: Common humanity must be enough to be protected by police(The Daily Telegraph, September 2009)

Equality loses out in battle of victim groups (The Daily Telegraph, July 2009)

MPs’ expenses: How to fix parliament? Stop MPs being ministers (The Daily Telegraph, May 2009)

The Equality Bill will hinder, not help (The Daily Telegraph, May 2009)

The gender pay gap does not exist (The Daily Telegraph, April 2009)

Failed public policies are to blame for the decline in manufacturing (The Daily Telegraph, April 2009)

Shareholders must feel empowered if the market is to survive (The Daily Telegraph, February 2009)

If you want welfare, work for it (The Daily Telegraph, November 2008)

Have a go? Not when you could be arrested (The Daily Telegraph, September 2008)

Let every school be independent (The Daily Telegraph, August 2008)

Prison works, so why won’t we admit it? (The Times, July 2008)

Talk of “excellence for all” is just Balls (The Spectator, June 2008)

Faith in the Law: It’s difficult to see how sharia councils could be integrated into the British legal system (Prospect, March 2008)

Archive of feature articles 2001 – 2007

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