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Equalizing People

David Green, 1 October 2004

Tony Blair’s illness is a reminder that old-Labour collectivism could easy re-assert itself under a different leader. One of the dominant trends under Gordon Brown has been the increasing use of means-tested benefits. In 1951 only 3% of the population relied on the old national assistance and unemployment benefit. Today about 22% of households of working age receive half or more of their income from the state.
Gordon Brown’s contribution: Despite a huge fall in unemployment, there were 240,000 more people on benefits and welfare tax credits in 2003 (6,383,000) than in 1997 (6,143,000).

4 comments on “Equalizing People”

  1. “Do teachers pay tax?”
    Just another client group, like the rest of the state’s employees. A captive group sucking on the teat of the state’s feed bottle. So, they vomit a bit back on its shoulder when burped Doesn’t alter their ultimate dependency on the Nanny State and knee-jerk Labour-voting tendency.

  2. “If not, I imagine the figures are substantially higher. Which rather explains where Labour’s vote comes from…”
    Labour learned it needed a large client base to ensure greater voting loyalty. That is why it has created new classes of dependants, such as everyone on Tax Credits. These, unlike tax allowances where people get to keep more of their own money, allow the illusion of a free handout from a generous Labour chancellor.
    Having done it for the ‘working classes’ the government is now doing it for the Pensioner classes, via Pension Credit.
    Add in the hordes of useless ‘Five-a-day Lesbian outreach one-legged’counsellors and other parasitic classes to add to the few ideologically convinced socialists and Labour, creeps ever closer to its goal – a permanent one-party state sustained by a majority dependant class supported by the oppressed minority tax-paying classes.

  3. The 22% figure relates purely to government cash benefits. Public sector salaries are treated as private income. Should you wish to check, the source is the Family Resources Survey, published on the Department of Work and Pensions website.

  4. The 22% figure – does that include public sector employees? If not, I imagine the figures are substantially higher. Which rather explains where Labour’s vote comes from…
    Democracy – oppression of 49% of the people by the other 51%.


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