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Immigration and false accusations of racism

David Green, 22 September 2004

Tory proposals to reform immigration policy will, no doubt, lead to talk of racism. Making false accusations of racism has become the weapon of first resort of the cosmopolitan intelligentsia who refuse to accept that there are any valid reasons for limiting the influx of newcomers.
Most developed countries have an immigration policy, usually because of two main concerns. First, there is the sheer weight of numbers. The more crowded the country, the more necessary is an immigration policy. The UK is already one of the most densely populated parts of the world, with double the population density of France and eight times that of America. England, on its own, is more densely populated than India. The consequences for house prices, traffic jams, school places and hospital waiting lists are there for all to see.

The second concern is the impact on the culture. We are a free people whose heritage of liberty rests on moral equality, reciprocity, toleration, and applying the same law to ‘the favourite at court, and the country man at plough’ (as Locke put it in the seventeenth century). We are entitled to take into account whether or not newcomers share our commitment to freedom. If they prefer authoritarian government, advocate second class status for women, despise the West because it is ‘decadent’, and are inclined to violence, we are entitled to ask why they want to come here. All free peoples are entitled to protect their institutions by ensuring that newcomers share their ideals.
The best policy is one based on strict annual quotas, whilst allowing short-term skill shortages to be met through work permits.
Finally, we should consider the impact of mass immigration on existing British citizens who have few workplace qualifications. It has been said that, without immigration, there will be no one to clean hotels and serve in restaurants and bars. But in practice, labour shortages lead to higher wages to attract employees from elsewhere in society. (The shortage of plumbers has famously led a few people to quit office jobs for the higher-paid plumbing trade.) If we want a nation in which people with few skills can flourish through sheer hard work, we should not be driving down the wages at the lower end of the labour market by allowing a large influx of rival workers.
The silence of the trade unions about low wages due to immigration is astonishing, and the inaction of the present Government is equally inconsistent with its professed concern for social justice. We may have to pay a bit more when we decide to eat out, but it would be well worth it, if the result were that every one of us could prosper simply through hard work.

8 comments on “Immigration and false accusations of racism”

  1. I would like not to disclose myself for security reasons. I am so disgusted with The British Immigration system! My sister came over for a holidat plus bringing my son, with her proove to show that she was 28 mnths pregnant but the immigration said that she’l have to pay £8000, to deliver in the UK. We were prepared but they decided to keep her in their office treating her like a terorist!!It is appalling, they did not give her time, but fly her back to South Africa, and espect her to find her way back to Botswana!
    They keep on insisting about human rights but they do nothing about it!
    Botswana is 6000 miles away, and they did not consider her health, is that fair?
    Even dogs in the UK are treated much better than humans(African foreighners)
    Maybe we should start our own rules in Africa, because we have much more respect for foreigners!!
    I cant say much, but this is the worse treatment one could get, especially if it is the first time entering UK…

  2. my sister recently was arrested for racial abuse and treated badly by the police while she was in their care. the boy who is making the charge against her is lying as i was with her at the time yet the police have not spoken to me or the the other two people who were with her at the time it was meant to happen. the police have taken statments from the two boys and are proceeding with the case. i am outraged as this could ruin my sister. one police officer said that if my sister confessed then she would get let off but why should she confess when she hasn’t done anything wrong. i really think that people should think before going ahead with saying they were racial abused when they weren’t. they don’t realsie how it effects the people they are saying who have done it. also the police need to book up their ideas and start to investigate cases like this proberly instead of making a poor jon like they do

  3. my son was accussed of racial abuse he is 11 yrs old never been in trouble before he ended up in court with 13 charges of racial abuse police was always arressting him he got so scared he didnt want to stay in his own home he cart sleep on a night he only does half days at school because he carnt cope with full days he wishes he was dead he hardly ever plays out anymore the police treat us really bad coming round to my home heavy handed infront of my other children putting my son in a cell till 3oclock in the morning id just had a baby and i had to discharge myself out of hospital to see my son they wouldnt even let me see him now finally after 13months of going to court all the worry and stress it has caused all charges have been dropped and been thrown out of court false allegations but the damage has been done now this family was lieing but what happens to them its a shame the police didnt investigate properly

  4. my daughter is 13 and is at the moment being dragged over the coals and indeed through the judicial system for racial abuse, aimed toward the proprietors of our local off licence.when i got the summons i nearly blew a gasket my daughter has not been brought up with any predjudice’s and does indeed have a lot of friends who are of varying ethnic persuation. the accusation comes from a daughter and mother team who both made up statements against her saying she had gone into there shop shouting “fat p@~~’s” six times and being generally and racially abusive. now my daughter is strong willed and does speak her mind so when i interogated (because thats what it has done to our family) she did not deny that there was an altercation but is adament there was not nor ever had been any racial slander the shop in question has six cameras yet no video evidence of this has emerged the police also managed to produced two statements from the accussers and not one from my daughter or the young lad that was with her throughout this whole debarcle. the officer in question has also falsly stated in writing that my daughter was offered free legal representation throghout the interview which was in fact a quick chat and not a caution as he also stated. the problem with this whole farse is that mud sticks and as young as my daughter is, if she is branded a racist which she is definatly not it will be stuck with her forever. i whole heartedly agree with Lindsay B that it is the accusers that should be brought to trial not only because people like these are making a mockery of our judicial system but the genuine race hate recipients are being cross examined twice as much to make sure they arn’t crying wolf. i will be defending my daughters honour when this has been through court and will be filing a claim for deformation of character this may seem tit for tat but when blatant liars like that are using racial discrimination as a weapon of oppression and not a tool to defend themselves from it as it was intended then i believe any win for the innocent victim is a bonus
    Robrt W

  5. I was falsely accused of racism which is a shame for all the genuine cases of racism that are out there. I was arrested by the police (the charges where later thrown out of court by the Crown Prosecution Services, because the police work and documents where so sloppily put together that it was plain to see how incompetent these people were.) My supposed “offense” racially aggravated harrassment, because I put al in front of this woman’s last name. She is Asian; I am dyslexic, and hey I get things mixed up sometimes. They ended up looking really daft and stupid in front of the courts as well. Like I said, this is a shame for all the genuine cases of racist abuse that there is out there. Ms. al made a mockery out of the real victims of racial abuse by attempting to capitalise off someone else’s disability. People who cite racism when it simply is not true should be brought to justice and held accountable for their lies.

  6. The silence of trade unions and our Government is indeed astonishing. It is astonishing that through Socialists this country has become a haven for cheap labour.
    In London 3 months ago I got into conversation with a young woman who works cooking and serving in a greasy spoon just off Picadilly. She is illegal and works here for virtually nothing.
    I understand that the main crime in London is now run by eastern European gangsters who were trained in the KGB. Our traditional London thugs have run off out of fear.
    We see a similar thing with gangs of cocklers run by the Chinese Triads.
    What are we doing with foreign gangsters running crime in our country under the protection of the police and race relations legislation?

  7. It is very naive to believe that the Tories or any of the established parties will do anything about immigration. They all desire this to pursue the creation of the multi-racial society – a rationalist construct for abstract people to be forced into by the developing police state.

  8. If the comments regarding Blair’s misleading speech are correct, and I contend that they are, then it begs the question that either Blair is relying on incorrect information, or that the encouragement of mass immigration is being done deliberately, to a secret agenda. This is of course against the wishes of the indiginous population who are powerless to stop it, without recourse to the so called extremist parties, into whose arms they are being driven in desperation. They know full well that our country is being exploited


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