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A selection of recent media coverage of our work

Special advisers undermine Whitehall, says report
Financial Times, November 2015

Quitting could boost trade deals: Think-tank says UK could follow example of Switzerland with a 'successful policy'
Daily Mail, October 2015

UK defence spending 'an impossible mess'
The Guardian, June 2015

Alarm over EU exit should be taken with a pinch of salt
The Times, April 2015

Train more NHS staff rather than spending £2.5bn on agency nurses, says Civitas think tank
Daily Express, April 2015

NHS spending inefficiently on non-permanent staff, says thinktank
The Guardian, April 2015

Human rights meddling by UK judges 'is seriously weakening' the fight against terror: Warning courts are 'trotting along' with judgements made by Europe
Daily Mail, March 2015

Give parents vouchers for school choice
The Times, March 2015

'Sharp-elbowed' parents gaining unfair share of school places, new book claims
The Independent, March 2015

NHS levy: Patients could pay £10 a month to choose where they're treated in future
Daily Mirror, February 2015

Patients should be able to go private by topping up NHS funds
The Daily Telegraph, February 2015

'Trade in EU like Norway' Britain could save £1.7 billion a year if it left European Union
Daily Express, February 2015

You're still too soft on migration, say Tory MPs who warn Cameron Britain is at risk of 'immensely serious social dangers'
Daily Mail, February 2015

Buy-to-let tenants should be able to rent for life
The Daily Telegraph, January 2015

Housing benefit pushes up rents, says think-tank report
The Financial Times, January 2015

Call to cap private rent rises at level of inflation
The Guardian, January 2015

Crime figures: true picture may be worse than feared, says think-tank report
The Daily Telegraph, December 2014

Warning over fiddling of crime figures
The Times, December 2014

Don’t be duped by this Brussels 'crackdown’ on benefit tourists, by David Green
Daily Mail, November 2014

Police are too busy with CRB checks to track sex offenders
Daily Mail, October 2014

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