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Crowdfunding to challenge BBC bias

Civitas, 5 July 2019

Have you ever stopped and questioned whether the output of BBC news and current affairs is as balanced as it could be? Have you found yourself screaming at the Today programme, switching off Question Time, or getting angry listening to Any Questions? Do you ever find yourself questioning its impartiality and how the BBC measures that?

Now a group of private individuals is bringing a case for judicial review of the way the BBC measures its own impartiality. They argue that while everyone has their own sense of what impartial means the BBC uses highly unscientific opinion polling – which takes no account of context, meaning, tone or even spokesperson – to measure it.

Their contention is that the current methodology is fatally flawed, and that opinion polling is not a suitable mechanism to determine whether in fact the BBC is impartial.

They have instructed McCarthy Denning, a specialist legal firm with a wealth of experience, to fight their case. To do so they need to raise £30,000 to cover  legal fees and are seeking to crowdfund the money. If you would like to find out more, see their page at Crowdjustice here.


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