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Factsheets for Teachers of PSHE

The main school subject in which the issue of the family and marriage is raised is Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE). We supply educational materials, including lesson notes, for teachers of PSHE.

Several factsheets have proved popular, either in hard copy or via our web site. In the calendar year 2008, just over 200,000 copies of the factsheets were downloaded by schools. The pamphlet, Does Marriage Matter?, is also in demand with 2,500 downloads in 2008. It sets out the social science evidence about family, marriage and the consequences of family breakdown.

How Do Fathers Fit In?

There is a tendency today to speak of ‘parents’ or ‘carers’ rather than ‘mothers’ or ‘fathers’. People often say that the most important thing in raising children is to give them lots of love, something that all parents can do, regardless of whether they are a mother or a father.

However, there are also many ways that mothers and fathers can bring unique strengths to their relationships with their children. In real people’s lives, you can see these contributions, and they have been measured by social scientists. Fathers – just like mothers – always matter.

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Lesson Notes: How Do Fathers Fit In?

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The Facts Behind Cohabitation

Families have changed in the last several decades. Instead of getting married, many people are living together or ‘cohabiting’. Some of these cohabitating couples eventually get married. Many of them break up. Very few stay together as cohabitants for long.

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Lesson Plan: The Facts Behind Cohabitation

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Does Marriage Matter?

Marriage in Great Britain has changed a great deal over the past two generations, including increased incidence and social acceptance of divorce, cohabitation, premarital sex, and unwed childbearing. This report aims to summarise all sides of the family debate and explores family fragmentation.

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Family, Marriage, and Welfare Benefits

Civitas’s latest analysis, resources and reflections on family policy and structural changes in the family can be found here.


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