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Press Releases from 2020

Twelve ideas for regenerating a UK economic recovery after lockdown

28 May 2020

What should the Government do to encourage rapid economic recovery from the lockdown while pledging its one-nation commitment to spreading prosperity across all sections of society? In this report, David Green, Director of Civitas identifies how the coronavirus crisis has highlighted some structural weaknesses in our economic life – and offers twelve policy recommendations: 1. Renewal of cities: localising investment power “The primary objective should be to empower people who live locally to solve their…

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WHO, beholden to Beijing, should be investigated – and the Chinese-led global order must be ‘reset’

18 May 2020

In this new report, Year of the Bat: Globalisation, China and the Coronavirus, academic experts Dr Niall McCrae and Professor M.L.R. Smith argue that, as the virus proliferated, China tried to cover up the contagion and did little to stop its worldwide spread from the initial source in Wuhan. Faced with the US administration ceasing funding for the World Health Organization (WHO) and conducting “serious investigations” into Beijing’s handling of the coronavirus…

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What kind of UK economic recovery after lockdown? Look to Britain’s small export businesses in their ‘Brexit boom’

15 May 2020

In recent weeks, some economic assessments have assumed an economic recovery from the coronavirus lockdown that would take the form of a ‘V-shaped’ bounce-back, while others expect long-lasting permanent damage to the economy. A new Civitas publication finds grounds for optimism in the recent track record of Britain’s smaller businesses and their extraordinary export revival. But much depends on how the Government uses its powers once the lockdown ends. Marcus Gibson…

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Human rights laws should be decided democratically in Britain – the constitution needs rebalancing

20 March 2020

The Human Rights Act should be abolished as Britain seeks to regain the ability to decide its own human rights laws within its own democratic public sphere, a new Civitas publication argues. Civitas editorial director Jim McConalogue warns that the Human Rights Act has had a detrimental impact on the UK constitution, emboldening a judicial supremacy of rights, far removed and insulated from the electorate. He sets out how: the glaring contradiction between the government…

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Small business owners experience ‘a great disconnect’ from government – despite repeated claims they form the ‘backbone of the economy’

2 March 2020

Politicians of all parties repeatedly declare that small businesses form the 'backbone of the British economy'. Yet a new survey shows that those same politicians too often fail to provide the right level of support for small business, resulting in ‘a great disconnect’, a new Civitas book reveals today. Tim Knox finds in two surveys that many small business owners feel that government tend to listen to big business far more closely to that of…

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