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Race and Faith: The Deafening Silence

Race and Faith: The Deafening Silence

Trevor Phillips, May 2016

For more than half a millennium, Britain has managed diversity through a process of organic integration, with newcomers and their traditions gradually absorbed into the culture. But in this new age of ‘superdiversity’, with more people of very different backgrounds arriving in greater numbers than ever before, is that enough? Trevor Phillips, the former chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, argues that Britain… [Full Details]

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Fixing Broken Britain? An audit of working-age welfare reform since 2010

Fixing Broken Britain? An audit of working-age welfare reform since 2010

Frank Field and Andrew Forsey, January 2016

The thorny issue of benefit dependency has bedevilled the welfare state since the 1970s, and has increased in importance with each successive decade. Welfare-to-work strategies since 1997 have begun to make inroads into the problem of long-term out-of-work claimants, which once seemed intractable. But, as Frank Field and Andrew Forsey highlight in this forensic examination of the welfare landscape, challenges… [Full Details]

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Beyond Beveridge

Beyond Beveridge: Restoring the contributory principle to retirement pensions and welfare benefits

Peter Saunders, November 2013

Britain's National Insurance system was founded by William Beveridge on the contributory principle that we should pay in when we are working so that we can be supported when we are sick, unemployed or retired. Over the past 70 years, this core principle of fairness has been eroded and many economists now believe National Insurance should be scrapped. In this important examination of state… [Full Details]

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Aiding and Abetting

Aiding and Abetting: Foreign aid failures and the 0.7% deception

Jonathan Foreman, January 2013

At a time of cuts in public expenditure, the Coalition government has committed not only to maintain the foreign aid budget but to increase it. It has set a target of 0.7% GDP, even though opinion polls show that it is unpopular with the public. In this timely survey of the effectiveness of international aid, Jonathan Foreman argues that public scepticism is justified. After… [Full Details]

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Rupert Shorrt, December 2012

Many faith-based groups face discrimination or persecution to some degree, but Christians are targeted more than any other body of believers. Rupert Shortt, Religion Editor of theTimes Literary Supplement, looks in this report at examples of Christianophobia from Egypt, Iraq, Pakistan, Nigeria, India, Burma and China. Christianity is in serious danger of being wiped out in its biblical heartlands because of Islamic oppression. But… [Full Details]

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The Rise of the Equalities Industry

The Rise of the Equalities Industry

Peter Saunders, November 2011

To be against equality is to support unfair treatment, and who wants to be unfair? We now have a considerable body of legislation, regulation, monitoring and investigation to ensure that our society respects equality. But what sort of equality do we mean? Peter Saunders identifies three types. Formal equality - equality before the law and equal political rights - is uncontroversial. So is the second sort of… [Full Details]

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Individualists Who Cooperate

Individualists Who Cooperate: Education and welfare reform befitting a free people

David G Green, January 2009

We need to reframe the constitutional settlement that defines the relationship between the state and the individual in civil society. The state should be confined to the legitimate tasks that are within its competence, thus allowing greater scope for private enterprise and social entrepreneurs to supply public services more effectively… [Full Details]

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On Fraternity

On Fraternity: Politics beyond liberty and equality

Danny Kruger, April 2007

In an age of big government and unbridled consumerism, people are searching for the local and particular, for a politics beyond power and money. Fraternity is sustained not by private will or state coercion, but by social authority, the culture of persuasion which operates in a family or a community. It exists in the neighbourhood and the network, in all the private and public associations… [Full Details]

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The Poverty of Multiculturalism

The Poverty of Multiculturalism

Patrick West, September 2005

We are witnessing the revolt of the civilised against civilisation. Some Western intellectuals, who regard themselves as progressive, have fallen into the strange position of defending cultures that, for example, condone the killing of homosexuals and the virtual enslavement of women. At the same time, they denigrate the culture of the free societies of the West, which were inspired by the ideals of the Enlightenment… [Full Details]

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Charles Murray and the Underclass

Charles Murray and the Underclass

Charles Murray et al, November 1996

In 1989, the American sociologist Charles Murray visited Britain in search of the ‘underclass’. Murray described himself at the time as a 'visitor from a plague area come to see whether the disease is spreading'. According to him, it was. "When I use the term "underclass", he wrote, "I am focusing on a certain type of poor person defined not by his condition, for example… [Full Details]

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